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BMW E28 ODOMETER GEAR REPAIR: 518i, 524td, 525i, 525e, 535i, M5

BMW got a lot of things right, the odometer gears on the E28 are not one of them. This category of the Garagistic store is dedicated to the fantastic 5 series chassis, the BMW E28.  Most E28s odometer no longer turn because the odometer gears have fallen apart. This is a known fault from the factory. The factory BMW E28 odometer gears break down over time like a stale Oreo. The replacement is not hard and can be done in under an hour with out odometer gear kits.  Check out the various E28 odometer gear repair kits we offer below.  When it comes to replacing your BMW E28 odometer gears quality is of the utmost quality, doing the same job/repair more than once can be an extremely frustrating experience.  Garagistic BMW E28 repair odometer gears are a easy fix that will have your cluster working the way it should!

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