FORUM DEAL: BMW e30 odometer/trip repair VDO kit

The common e30 odometer problem:

If you own an e30, chances are, your odometer is not counting miles driven and trip odometer does not work. As much fun as it is, to guess when your next maintenance item or oil change is due, wouldn't it be nice to just fix this problem? Yes it can be expensive. Most shops charge over $200 for this service! Dont overpay! It usually just the odometer gears that are the problem. Replacing these worn gears will repair it. Easy installation!


Every kit includes (e30 forum special pricing):

The three gears that need replacement are included. The factory gears get soft over time (imagine how a stale Oreo cookie would feel when broken in half, thats what the gears in your current broken gauge feels like). These gears are quality made with better then oem material with a quality fit and finish. These gears will outlive your car!

When purchasing our kit be sure to check out our INSTALLATION GUIDE.

e30 odometer gears

e30 odometer gears

e30 odometer gears

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