Bronze and Delrin BMW pedal bushings install - K0390/K0254

Bronze and Delrin Pedal Bushing instructions:

Safety Info:

Step 1: Firstly under the steering wheel, remove any panels that can interfere with replacing the pedal bushing, or even just to give you more clearance in the foot well. Also be careful as to not break any clips and remove all screws/bolts/nuts attaching the panels.

Step 2: Next if your vehicle has a styrofoam knee crash absorber, remove it as it will better expose the foot pedals. Now go ahead and remove the clutch master cylinder and pay attention to where the electrical switches are mounted as they will come out as well with the removal of the clutch master cylinder.

Step 3: Prior to the next step, keep in mind. before removing the clips from the pin ends, pay attention (if you are replacing the clutch pedal bushing) to the clutch over center helper spring and how it is attatched, most likely they will come apart when the pedal is removed. Now remove the three locking clips on the left side pedal using a flat head screw driver and slide the pins to the right and they will come out. The pin at the top is the fixed clutch pivot pin, slide the pedal off this pin to remove the pedal. Make sure to really pay attention to how all your pins and how the pedal is mounted for proper re-installation.

Step 4: Once you have removed the pedal, you can now get to the issue and replace the original worn bushing. Then install your new Garagistic bushing and it is highly recommended you lube the bushing prior to installation using white lithium grease.

Step 5: Once your bushing is installed, re-assemble your pedal assembly the same exact way it was all removed. Once it is all re-assembled, you can spray white lithium grease at all the pivot points and moving components. Then re-install your pedal's master cylinder (if doing the clutch pedal, make sure the clutch over-center helper spring is attached properly) and verify all components are installed correctly and are properly lubed.

Step 6: Once you have verified all components are properly working, do not forget to re-install your electric switch sensors whether it is for the clutch or brake pedal as it may need re-adjustment. Once you have confirmed they are all adjusted accordingly you can now re-install your panels and you are all finished! 


This instructional guide is intended to provide general information only. We recommend a professional automotive technician install any of our products. In no event shall Garagistic be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental injuries or damages whatsoever.