Content Creators and Remote Agents

Welcome Content Creators and Remote Agents!

Welcome to the Content creators and Remote Agents Portal. Here is where you can start, submit and get paid for the content and articles you create as well as get Answers to many of the questions you might have. This is a new program so check back often to get more information as start working!



Will there be guidelines for the content being submitted?
    • Yes. General guidelines/Templates will be provided.
    How does compensation work
    • Compensation will be on a "per content/article/creation" basis. Cost of each will be laid out for full transparency. 
    What will the work flow look like?
    • We will release full flow chart shortly. However its designed to be Very self sustaining. You will be able to work and make as much as you would like when you would like. The most basic Flow would be: Content Approval, Content Creation, Content submission, Content approval, and Content payment.
    Are we given assignments on a daily/weekly basis?
    • On some content types yes.
    Deadlines for given assignments?
    • On some content types yes.
    Will I be getting an employee discount?
    • On some content types yes.
    I wanted to be a full time employee who can directly help customers via email and chat. Is that possible and when does that start?
    • Goal number 1 is populating the knowledge in order to allow certain users to transition to full time employees based on their work ethic and dedication to the population of the knowledge bank. So yes its possible and can start as soon as a few weeks.
    When can I start?
    • The program is designed to go live in the next week or so. As soon as its live, you will get an email and be able to start making content and money right away!


    Why is this structured the way it is?

    In order to launch a program like this, we needed to gauge skill level, compensation, turn around etc. This gives us data points to then be able to fairly compensate people in a transperant way and allow them to work remotly on their own time as they please. Hence the questions in the application form.

    The goal is to give people subjects they are ready to create content about right away and build a knowledge base that will help our agents as well as customers right away through our knowledge base on our website. This will also allow answer bot to give accurate answers. 

    Why we asked for sample of work during application process is simple really.  

    1. We are doing this to help as many people as possible affected by covid. In order to do this, we are trying to flatten the learning curve as much as possible by using what cars you own and what you have installed as a baseline. Making the need to research and learn very low to begin. This keeps training time to a minium to the bare minimum of getting to know our help desk center.
    1. We have a huge range of skill sets of people to help do remote work and documentation. Everything from Video, to instructions, to images to graphic design. In order to keep all of the pricing transparent and keep peoples time to a limit, we will then see everyone submissions and then be able to gauge general guidelines on submitting articles and content to help others and build the knowledge base. 
    1. Even for those who want to be in direct contact with customers via email or phone, will need to still show the ability to put basic articles/instructions together in a format that will populate as questions are received. For example, you write a how-to troubleshoot or install odometer gears on an e28. When someone submits a ticket, it will pull this as being a relevant answer to their question. That way its a cumulative knowledge of everyone working as a remote agent with us.
    1. By doing these explanations, we can have a call and discuss the work flow in detail and see if this is something that would still interest you. This same article would then be how we proceed to talk about compensation as well as train you how to upload this onto the help desk platform and then later (for those who want direct customer contact) to use this in helping a customer out.