dyeing rear parcel shelf and premium speaker retrofit

Step 1

Address the situation, Can I work with this?

In this case yes, this rear parcel shelf is workable.

we need to address the

  • fading
  • aftermarket speakers
  • triangle seat belt receptacle


Step 2

Supplies you will need

  • Duplicolor fabric paint
  • plastic sheeting
  • premium sound speaker housings
  • 5 1/4 speakers
  • 8x housings screws
  • 12x speaker/tweeter screws

Tools you will need

  • 10mm socket 1/4 inch drive
  • 1/4 drive ratchet
  • phillips screwdriver

This project is a level 1 out of 10 project.

Step 3

to remove the the shelf you must remove the rear seat.

to remove the bottom portion of the rear seat

reach in each corner near the 1/4 panel and just pull up.

once the bottom section is out, you can access the 2x 10mm bolts that hold the upper seat portion to the car.

each bolt is located directly underneath the rear window, all the way at the bottom. the door panel has a flap that sometimes covers up the bolt.

once those bolts are removed lift up the seat straight up towards the ceiling. it should come off with some force.

bend the tabs to keep it from nicking the door panel when you go to remove it.

Step 4(optional)

If you are going to install premium rear speakers into base model shelf here is what needs to take place.

you need to get the speaker housings.

now place the new speakers on top of your shelf

you need to enlarge the opening

This can be done with a  razor blade and a box cutter

If you look on the back side the factory pre-made holes for the premium speaker retrofit.

you can clean your shelf with carpet cleaner to get even better results.

Step 5

Place the shelf on your plastic

go and get your paint ready.

shake it up for 20 seconds

place it in the sink under hot running water for about 2 minutes

- this helps make the paint particles come out in a fine mist rather then splotchy

shake it up for 20 seconds

Step 6

speaker holes cut

carpet cleaned and prepped


Step 7

spray 4 thick coats with 30 minutes of dry time in between each coat


Step 8

this is how its wired to have the 5 1/4 mids and tweeters working but bypassing the amp


the bigger spade connector pointed out here is the positive connector.

Step 9

reinstall and check if the speakers work