E46 Chassis Reinforcement Kit
We recommend a professional welder install this kit

Prepping the vehicle:
Disconnect the battery prevent electrical damage from occurring during welding. Remove the interior of your trunk as well as your fuel tank, and all fuel lines capped off to prevent any possible fires.

Tools Needed:

Materials Needed:
Hand cleaner
Breaker bar
3/8 ratchet
½ ratchet
Jack and jack stands
Using an automotive lift is highly recommended

Safety Info: Be sure to use a welding helmet and gloves

Step 1: Remove complete rear suspension and the fuel tank. You can removes the brake lines or hang them, just make sure you plug the lines so they don't make a mess.

Step 2: Apply degreaser all around the subframe mounting points then completely prep and strip down to bare metal. Line up your plates and outline them with a marker. To make sure you have cleaned the area properly for the plates to be welded.

Step 3: To prevent existing cracks (if you have any) from spreading during the welding process, we recommend drilling a small hole at the end of the cracks before weld the cracks. Inspect for any spot welds that have failed or is in the process of failing. We recommended you drill them out and repair them if found.

Step 4: If you had any cracks, weld up those first then grind them flat to allow your reinforcement plates to sit flush against the chassis. Using your subrame bolts mock up your plate to allow you to tack weld it to the chassis. Then fully weld around your reinforcement plate. We provided extra holes in our plates for rosette welds. You can drill through the first outer sheet metal layer but should not drill all the way through, once completed, rosette weld your holes up. Should your chassis be severely damaged we provided two square trunk block off plates. You will have to cut through the floorboard inside the vehicle, weld up any cracks, then use the two square plates to weld shut the holes cut out.

Step 5: After you've finished welding grind down any excess welds that can prevent the subframe from sitting flush against the chassis. Make sure you spray a protective coat of under-liner or paint on any bare metal surfaces to protect it against the elements and stop rust from developing.

Step 6: Reinstall the rear suspension and make sure to torque everything to factory specifications. Make sure to bleed your brakes if you removed your brake lines. Reconnect the battery battery.

Step 7: Take your E46 for a test drive and inspect for any noises that could be a concern. If your test drive was successful next step is to hit the track and drive it hard!!











This instructional guide is intended to provide general information only. We recommend a professional automotive technician install any of our products. In no event shall Garagistic be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental injuries or damages whatsoever.