how to remove control arm bushing from lollipop

How to remove control arm bushing from lollipop

Common symptoms for worn out bushings:

  • brake shudder
  • alignment out of spec
  • uneven tire wear
  • poor road feel


  • hack saw
  • vice
  • chisel
  • hammer


  • spare set of lollipops control arm bushing mounts
  • new set of bushings


remove the blade

if you need to, draw an arrow so you make sure you re install it in the correct orientation.

insert the blade inside of the old bushing

make a few passes at the inner ring with out making contact with the outer shell.

once you have a nice score  flip the bushing over.

bushing flipped over, ready to have the ring removed.

now use the chisel

and try to bend the ring inward

by hammering down into the area where you cut and notched the ring.


now do the other arm.

Here is a picture of tools you can use to remove your old busing and install the new ones back on the control arms

A member on r3vlimited has a set and is willing to rent them out.