Instructions: E30 Front Sway Bar Install

Installation: E30 Front Sway Bar Installation

1. Jack up the front of the car so that the tires lift off of the ground. Use jack stands to support the car.

2. Remove the wheels and tires from the vehicle.

3. Remove the under tray.

4. Remove the sway bar bushing brackets from the chassis and detach the end links from the front control arms.

5. Pick a side and remove the front control arm bushing lollipop bracket. You only need to do this to one side. This should give you enough clearance to wiggle the OEM sway bar and end link assemblies out.

6. Now assemble the new end links (without the sway bar) and place the bolt into the U shaped bracket before attaching the end links to the front control arms. Use the supplied washers and nuts.


7. Apply a generous amount of grease onto the sway bar bushings and install the bushings onto the sway bar.

8. Remove the rear cross member bolts. Install the stainless steel plate with the step facing up. Use the supplied hardware to install the sway bar and sway bar bushing onto this plate. Attach the sway bar bushing bracket and tighten by hand.

9. Attach the end links to the sway bar and make sure the end links do not bind.

10. Make sure all bolts and nuts are tight and go for a careful test drive.





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