E8x/E9x Rear Subframe Bushing Finally Here!

E8x/E9x Rear Subframe Bushing Finally Here!

E8x/E9x Rear Aluminum Subframe Bushings 

New Product Overview

Here at Garagistic, we are constantly developing and creating new parts for the  BMW cars of all varieties. While we don't often tackle projects on newer chassis, we are looking to expand our product line to cover more chassis' including the E8x/E9x chassis.

Our Garagistic E8x/E9x aluminum subframe bushings are cut from a single solid piece of billet aluminum with all unnecessary material cut out to make them as light as possible while still being sturdy and solid. Like all of our product line, these subframe bushings were designed, and produced in house on our Haas CNC's.

We are also working on a polyurethane and delrin versions of these bushings which will help remove factory rubber subframe bushing play, while not being as harsh as the aluminum bushings would be. Aluminum bushings are primarily  utilized in a track oriented car, while the polyurethane will be much more usable for a street car!

If you have any further questions or would like to see a particular part made for the E82/E90/E92 chassis', shoot us over an email at support@garagistic.com. 

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  • Material: 6061 Aluminum 
  • Features: Lightweight design with zero reduction in overall strength
  • Precision Cut to OEM Specifications
  • Fits E82/E90/E92 Models with Part # 33-31-6-758-259
  • 128i/135i/135is/328i/328xi/335d/335i/335is/335xi

Please do note the bushings pictured above were specially designed for Rome Charpentier's Formula Drift Pro Car. Small design changes may be applied on the actual released product. 

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