Garagistic App

INTRODUCING the Garagistic app

The Garagistic app is a mobile app that runs on both Apple and Android devices. App users will get to experience a whole new buying experience. Once you sign up, you will get the convenience of the Garagistic website with faster checkout.

Download links:


Features include:

  • Build/Wish list
  • Special Offers
  • 1 button express checkout
  • Order tracking at your finger tips
  • Compare feature
  • Apple pay
  • Notifications about flash sales (if notifications are turned on)
  • Sale announcements
  • New product announcements
  • App exclusive Deals and freebies
  • Real-Time Inventory
  • Site Search & Browse
  • Google log in
  • Facebook log in
  • Order history

The Garagistic app is meant to provide an easy way for you to get the BMW performance parts you need at the best possible price with the fastest shipping right at your finger tips. In the future we plan to implement:

  • App exclusive reward program
  • Instructions and videos on every page
  • Live support chat

How to install the Garagistic APP

  1. Locate the free Garagistic app from one of the following supported app market places and install it to your mobile device:

    2. Installation should take about 30 secs.

    3. VERY IMPORTANT: When the app opens for the first time it will ask you would like to receive notifications from the app. To receive our app exclusive deals you MUST select yes. This is the only way to know about app exclusive deals.