All New "Stage-2" Shifters

The Full Short Shifter Line-Up

Garagistic Solid Chassis Mounted Short Shifter - E30, E36, E46
From $184.50
From $184.50
Garagistic BMW "Supreme" Short Shifter - E30, E36, E46, Z3, Z4
From $135.00
From $135.00
Garagistic Carbon Fiber Supreme Short Shifter - E92, E46, E36, E30, Z4, Z3
From $157.50
From $157.50
Garagistic Carbon Fiber Chassis Mounted Short Shifter - E92, E46, E36, E30, E82
From $207.00
From $207.00

But Wait... Your shifter upgrade isn't complete without these!

The BMW shifter mechanism consists of 4 major components. The shifter, the carrier, the selector rod and the selector joint. Don't neglect those other components, Garagistic has a solution for each to make sure that you have the best feeling shifter possible.

Billet Selector Joints

Featuring a machined billet 6061 aluminum body and high speed bearings, the Garagistic Billet Selector Joint is the first of its kind.


The perfect compliment to the Garagistic short shifters. Our DSSRs are a direct replacement upgrade for the factory selector rods to eliminate side-to-side play

Complete Shifter Carrier Rebuild Kits

Tighten up the shifter carrier with Garagistic polyurethane, delrin, and aluminum carrier shifter bushings and replace your worn out shifter cup and clip with fresh units. An absolute must for anyone with a Supreme Shifter!

The Knobs

Perfect Fitment

Designed for all BMW shifters. Our shift knobs feature a threaded adapter to be compatible with all OEM BMW shifters.
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