BMW stainless steel brake and clutch lines-Garagistic

BMW stainless steel brake and clutch lines

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    You can now eliminate spongy pedal feel and stop in a shorter distance on your BMW E30, E36, E46, E28 and other classic bmw with our garagistic stainless steel brake line kits. Our brake line kits are made in the USA and are o eof the few brake line kits that are DOT approved. The Department of Transportation (D.O.T) has developed a set of standards (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard), to which all flexible hoses must perform without failing under extreme conditions. In order to be certified, the hose must pass the "whip" test.  Garagistic bmw stainless steel braided hose has proved outstanding under testing conditions and surpass D.O.T requirements. We burst-test to 6000psi. Garagistic incorporates a special design for high strength and minimal volumetric expansion.