About us

Who is Garagistic?

We are car people...

Garagistic was built upon the sheer passion of working on cars; specifically BMW E30's. Our love lead to a life of building and modifying then tracking and auto-crossing which lead to more modification and building; a vicious cycle really. We at Garagistic have a simple mission really; we are out to make BMW E30's, E36's, E46's, E21's, E24's, and even Datsun S30 a threat to the supercar world. The supercar world will always have beautiful cars, but more often than not, they lack the pride and dedication that goes into modifying and building your own car. We dedicate our efforts to providing parts to the people who build their cars with pride, to those who build with no boundaries, to those who want to compete with the best, and to those who see no limits in what they can build in their own garage. We have the parts to allow you to build your supercar!

What does "Garagistic" mean?

Garagistic means a lot of things to a lot of different people, in essence, Garagistic is the bond we all share in the hobby we all share; working on cars every hour of the night, the endless dedication, the sheer perseverance to accomplish a task that you've set out to achieve. Garagistic, to us, means the garage-built, the proud, the persevering, and the brave. The name Garagistic, derives from the italian word garagisti that was first uttered from the mouth of Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari in the 1950s. It was used as an insult to describe the upstart British racing teams such as Mclaren. It describes how Britain's racing cars were built in their shed's or garage's instead of big expensive shops those Italian manufacturers occupies. Garagist: the garage teams. At the time garagisti was intended towards a man with the name of Ron Dennis who was part owner and ceo of Mclaren motorsports, whom dropped out of school to work in a garage. From then on, "Garage teams" has had an immense super-car chip on their shoulder that equals the ego of a super-car owner. We wear the Garagistic name with pride by building our super-cars from our own garages, intending to take out exotics. Are you proud to be Garagistic?

What does Garagistic specialize in?

We love innovating and creating new and exciting ways to modify you car; it will always be the driving force that moves us forward as a company.However, we specialize in the following BMW, Mercedes, Datsun chassis; e30, e36, e46, z3, 2002, e24, e28, e39, w201, datsun 240z and 280z and adding more every year! We believe in a simple principle, quality in all that we do, be it the smallest odometer gear for an e30 or a complete motor-swap kit for an e36. The Garagitic seal will always mean quality, great pricing, and great customer service. We love what we do and we could not do it without you.

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