Garagistic Public Announcement: COVID-19 virus-Garagistic

Garagistic Public Announcement: COVID-19 virus

Garagistic Public Announcement:

First off- From the bottom of our hearts, we hope the best for anyone that has contracted the COVID-19 virus and/or have family or friends who are going through it. Much love and prayers to you.

As all of you are aware, Coronavirus COVID-19 is currently sweeping the nation causing lock downs in various areas. As of today, March 17, the Orange County Health Officer has released an order for all "non-essential" businesses to temporarily close to prevent the spread of the virus. We here at Garagistic are committed to protecting our employees and preserving public health.

However, we will not let COVID-19 disrupt our ability to produce and ship your race car parts! We are doing our part. If car guys are going to be stuck at home, why not get that car done while staying safely indoors? That’s why we are going to continue shipping items in a safe way. After all, life must go on and can still be enjoyed. So we want to keep you guys home and safe.

  • We have heavily marked down items to be able to make your stay during this lockdown a little more enjoyable and safe.
  • We have also lowered free shipping threshold on all orders to make getting your products at home a little easier (does not apply on oversized items). 
  • Put together a blog of the project that can be tackled during this time.

Although the shop is closed. We will be working remotely and taking all necessary safety precautions to make sure our operation does not stop. With that being said, we will not be answering phone calls or taking local pickups. We will still be answering your emails, so please be patient with us as we get through all of your inquiries.

Production and shipping will slow down but will continue. We have limited our staff and accommodated each one to work remotely if possible. We are a small team and take care of each other. Although this shutdown period will stretch us thin we will continue to get items out. Asking for updates will delay the process. Please keep that in mind. 

What we do will not change. How we do it will.

Orders can still be placed online. Local customers will not be able to stop by the shop for will-call purchases. We will continue to update you guys with any further developments.

During these strange times, please continue to support small businesses... All of them. Your local coffee spot, clothing store, speed shop etc. This is not only our passion, but it is also our livelihood. It will be trying times for all of us. As large corporations will have a bailout, we haven’t seen any feasible plans for small businesses like ours.

Please Support the Independents!

Thank you for your continued support.

The Garagistic team



  • Chad Wallace

    Will you guy be producing any DSSRs for E36 328I anytime soon. Would like to purchase with selector joint.

  • Matt Lohman

    Can’t wait till I get my shifter but it will be worth it in the end!!

  • gino rodiguez

    I ordered some transmission mounts and it charged me but I never got a email confirming my order just checking up

  • Scott Johnson

    Glad to hear you guys are still working. I was wondering if you had any timeline on when you would get the 80a transmission bushings in for the e90? Thanks!

  • Matt

    Hello my name is Matt I was interested in purchasing a chassis mounted shifter for my BMW, I’m sure it’s not easy to stay open for ya’ll, so I was just interested in seeing how long deliveries are usually taking nowadays. I need one for my next event. Any info appreciated. Thanks! – Matt

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