BMW Aluminum Throttle Bushings - M20, M30, M50, M60, M62, S14, s38

BMW Aluminum Throttle Bushing Install

This is the instructions page on how to replace your worn/broken factory rubber BMW throttle bushings for these upgraded aluminum version throttle bushings. These bushings fit M20 (non-E30), M30, M50, M60, M62, S14, S38 and other BMW's that used a round rubber bushing with a threaded insert for the throttle cable.

BMW aluminum throttle cable bushings

Tools needed:

- Snap ring pliers

- Depending on which engine this is being installed on: Tools to remove covers and access the throttle cable bushings.




Step 1:

Depending on which engine you are installing these on, it will be a process of getting to them in some cases. For example m60 and m62 owners will need to remove the plastic covers to access the throttle cables. Some are easier then others.

Step 2:

Remove old bushings. You may cut them with a razor (USE CARE!) or thread them all the way off.


Place cable in slot of bushing.


Insert bushings and cable into bracket hole.


Install snap ring using snap ring pliers. Snap ring must be fully seated!


Check throttle cable tension. Use a buddy to open and close throttle and adjust tension as needed.

m50 throttle bushings install installed bmw






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