BMW E1 12 tooth gear odometer trip repair fix

E1 BMW Drive gear instructions

It is very common for older BMW's (and even some Mercedes) for this gear to go bad. This leads odometers to stop counting miles; this is a small, but very annoying issue. If you do not need a full replacement gear set, this might just be your solution to having a working odometer again and for cheap! This is the same gear that some places sell for $30+ Easy installation! THIS WILL WORK FOR BOTH VDO AND MOTOMETER UNITS!

What cars will this work on?

- BMW E23 1977-1986 7 series (US only)

- BMW E24 1976-1989 6 series (electrical only, not mechanical versions)

- BMW E28 1982-1988 5 series (US and EURO)

- BMW E30 1982-1991 3 series (Both vdo and motometer, US and EURO)

- BMW R Series motorcycle

- BMW K Series motorcycle

- Mercedes W107 1981-1989 SL Class (US and EURO)

- Mercedes W124 1981-1989 E Class (400E, 500E, E420)

- Mercedes W126 1981-1991 S Class


Every kit includes:

The E1 12 tooth gear. Factory BMWs have a brass bushing inside the OEM gear, which is not needed for our gear and it needs to be removed (our instructions show you how to do this as well as our video)