E1 12 Tooth Odometer Gear Repair Instructions

This guide should only be used to help you as a suggested way to fix your equipment. They are not intended to be absolute. Its your sole responsibility if any damage or inaccuracy may occur. If you are unsure how to take something apart, send us an email, we would be happy to help. There are many small pieces involved with this. If you do not believe you are able to to replace the gears yourself, we offer this service.

NOTE: There is a brass bushing inside the OEM E1 12 tooth gear. Its on the shaft and needs to be removed to install the new gear. You do not need this bushing with our gear. DO NOT TRY TO PULL THE BUSHING OFF WITH ANY TOOLS AS THIS WILL DAMAGE THE MOTOR.

DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE TO THE SHAFT WHEN YOU INSTALL YOUR NEW GEAR. It will be a tight fit by design. use a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the shaft while you push the new gear on. Apply pressure will push on the motor causing potential damage.

We will explain the best way to remove this gear below.

Please be aware that we are not responsible for any damages that happen to your cluster. By using this guide you understand that we have made this to make installation easier for you. However, do to the age of these things, every gauge cluster has been through a different life.

Tools needed:

- set of dikes

- a little patience

Time needed:

- About 15mins. This is something that takes patience. That brass bushing can be a pain in the ***


Since various cars use this gear we wont get into how to take the cluster apart in this tutorial. This is assuming you have already gotten to it and located the e1 12 tooth gear. Pictured below is the gear location on an e30 VDO unit (top) and Motometer unit (below).

Step 2

Once you located the E1 gear. Take the cover off. On E30 cars its a flat, on E28s its a Philips. Mercedes various a bit.

Step 3

Pull the E1 gear off by pulling straight up. DO NOT PRY! It will probably fall apart if its already not half way gone. You will then notice you are left with a brass bushing. Our replacement E1 gear does not require this as it fits snugly on the shaft that rotates it.

Step 4

You will now use a pair of dikes to bend the brass bushing enough for it to slip out. To do this, squeeze lightly on one side of the gear, then rotate it and repeat it again. Keep repeating this process until the gear is deformed enough to slip right off.

Step 5

Install our new Garagistic e1 gear. Put together in reverse order. Be sure you have gotten all the old pieces of the gears out so you have no future problems. Before closing everything up be sure to run the gears by hand to make sure everything is right and working correctly.