E30 Bucket Seat Front Seat Belt Receptacle Mod

If you find yourself having a difficult time bending the stock seat belt receptacle to fit in the opening on your bucket seat, we've found a neat solution using OEM parts. 

For this mod, you will need a spare dual seat belt receptacle from the rear seat. If you are modifying your track car, it is common to delete the rear seat which leaves you with a spare dual seat belt receptacle. If you want to do this mod to both front seats, you will need to source another dual receptacle for the passenger side front seat.

The photo below shows a stock dual seat belt receptacle (left) and our modified version (right).

As you can probably tell, this is a very straight forward modification that just requires some cutting.

Cut along the dashed line as shown in the photo below - 


That's it! 

Now enjoy your more flexible front seatbelt receptacle