e30 m60 motor mount instructions

Garagistic e30 m60 / m62 engine swap mount instructions:

With our motor mount conversions there isnt too much involved to actually get your v8 into your e30. However there are some things that need to happen. Bmw made the driver side motor mount on many m60 and m62 cars with an oil block built in. You must either mill your existing block down, or alternatively you can use an x5 oil block for the conversions.

We recommend always using a little blue Loctite make sure nothing on your e30 gets loose! This is the version we recommend: https://amzn.to/3MWIUlO



e30 m60 mounts

Passenger side does not require cutting if factory AC bracket is removed. if you would like to keep AC in your conversion, the bracket must be milled down in a similar fashion.

Both sides use factory bolts. Torque Arms to engine = 47nm. Subframe bolts = 30 ft-lbs

e30 m60 swap

e30 m60 swap

X5 headers are required for e30 m6x swaps. e32/e34 headers will require heavy modification to work. X5 has better clearance for steering rack as well.

Motor mounts (rubber):

Any e32/e34/e39 v8 motor mounts will work. E28 m5 motor mounts are also possible. Please keep in mind though that some mounts have different heights then others. Most will not cause any issues. However, we have had some engine mounts become very low after they "settle" and the oil pan ends up being very close to steering racks (in e36 conversions). Some people have simply ground away a tiny bit of the pan, others gone to higher mounts. Please keep these things in mind.

We recommend using e39 525TDS motor mounts.  (part number: 22111094248)

e30 m60 swap

e30 m60 swap