E30 Recaro Seat Bracket Adapters - K0466


General Info: This ONLY works for Recaro bottom mount reclining seats in E30's. Read entire guide before attempting to remove anything. There is a left hand and right hand seat bracket.

Step 1: Slide seat rearward to access the two front floor mounting M10 nuts, once you've removed them slide the seat forward and remove the two rear M10 bolts that mount the seat to the floor. Once they've been removed you can take the entire seat out from the cabin.

Step 2: Once the seat is out of the cabin, lay it down upside down. Remove both brackets/sliders that are mounted to the seat itself. Once they are removed now you can add the Recaro seat bracket adapters.

Step 3: You will have a left hand side and a right hand side. The side of the bracket will have two large holes, one in the front, one in the rear. The top of the bracket has 3 oval holes at the front part of it, at the rear it will have only one oval hole. Mounting them to the original seat rails is simple, the brackets mount to the front and rear tabs on the sliders via the two large side round holes on the Recaro bracket. The Recaro brackets are mounted on the outside of the seat rails 2 bracket “ears”, NOT on the inside. Once you've understood how they mount, next step is to mount them.

Step 4: Now line up your Recaro bracket with your two mounting “ears” on your slider, slide the supplied bolts with washers into the hole and then on the back of the bolt slide on your washer, then thread your nut on. Do the same process for the other side as well. Once the Recaro seat brackets are mounted up and securely fastened now it is time to bolt everything onto your Recaro seat.

Step 5: Bolt the Recaro brackets and seat rails onto the bottom of the seat itself. Fasten your nuts and bolts to the seat properly and securely. Lastly bolt your seat back into the cabin via the 2 front M10 nuts and 2 M10 rear bolts you removed from the sliders originally to mount it to the floor. Once everything mounted and secure sit in the seat and double check to make sure there is no unwanted movement from the Recaro bracket, if there is, double check your bolts to confirm that they are tightened properly.


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