E36/E46 Dual Drift Caliper Hydro E-Brake Weld-on Brackets - Installation Instructions - K0686



Step 1

 When fitting the caliper brackets to your trailing arms, some minor grinding is recommended to get the second caliper to sit in the most optimal position. 

  • Fitment Note: As shown in the photo below the "Small Hole" will be set at the bottom of the trailing arm with the "Large Hole" on top. 

  • Fitment Note: When mocked up, you may notice a gap between the upper section and trailing arm.

Step 2

To reduce the gap, you must grind down the bottom section of the bracket (circled in photo below) so that the bracket can sit more flush with the trailing arm. 

  • Fitment Note: Be sure to grind the weld-on bracket in small portions and keep test fitting your second caliper with the bracket as you go to ensure best fitment. 

Step 3

 Your goal when fitting the weld-on bracket is to match the OEM gap from the edge of the rotor and the caliper bracket as seen below.

Step 4

 Once you have the weld-on dual caliper bracket grinded so that it fits closer to the trailing arm and matches the OEM gap from the brake caliper and brake rotor, you can go ahead and prep the surface of the trailing arm and bracket for welding and weld away!