Garagistic Brass ATE Caliper Guide Pin Bushing Instructions for E30, E36, E46, E92, Z3, Z4 - K0081

Garagistic Brass ATE Caliper Guide Pin Bushing Instructions for E30, E36, E46, E92, Z3, Z4 - K0081



Decided to upgrade to Brass ATE Caliper Pin Bushings? Good idea! You'll be getting more even and consistent brake pad wear compared to the old stock, worn rubber pin bushings as well as better braking response because these bushings will eliminate the “flex” or “play” the stock worn rubber bushings provide. Since these bushings make the caliper evenly squeeze both brake pads together, that means more stopping power! But as opposed to rubber bushings these brass bushings do need to stay lubricated (greased) to work at their full potential.


Lets get started.

Step 1

Remove your wheel from the side you are working on. Next remove your caliper spring with a flat head screwdriver. Next remove the two caliper guide pins on the back side of your caliper, typically most BMWs use a 7mm allen head bolt.


Step 2

Now that you have the caliper free remove your brake pads. Then support the caliper safely so it does not hang from the brake line. Then using a flat head screwdriver, remove the old rubber caliper bushings. Now would be a good time to clean out the holes where the old bushings used to sit.


Step 3

Next lubricate your bushing with preferably high temp grease and slide in your new brass bushing, the lip part should be on the inside of the caliper, then attach your clip at the end of it. Your clip should be on the outside.


Step 4

Then make sure to lubricate your guide pins as well prior to inserting them into the caliper. Then remount your caliper and brake pads. Lastly check the torque specifications on the guide pins for your certain vehicle as over-tightening can cause the pins to snap or bind, and now you are all done!




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