Instructions: Front Delrin shifter bushings - K0274

Garagistic Aluminum/Delrin Front Carrier Bushing (ROUND) - K0274

Please Note: One bushing might fit different the other bushing. Click here to learn why.




Product Overview

If you're into overkill, you will love our aluminum round shifter carrier bushings. They are basically just like our Garagistic Delrin carrier units except they will NEVER go bad. They replace the original rubber bushing (which not only had lots of "give" but is usually neglected and degrades over time). These eliminate any side-to-side movement of the aluminum shifter carrier.

The front of the carrier does not see a lot of rotational movement so there is no risk in having these seize or anything like that. These are simply the overkill version of our Delrin series. Because the shifter bushings fit at the front of the aluminum carrier NO additional vibration or harshness will be felt. Replaces part number: 25 11 7 519 669 (25117519669).

Please Note: One bushing might fit different the other bushing. Click here to learn why.


Step #1

Jack up your car and safely put it on jack stands.


Step #2

Remove the notorious B**** clip. This clip is notorious because it can be very difficult to reach with common tools. To remove this clip, you will want to have your transmission supported by the jack in towards the rear of the transmission. Loosen the transmission support brace and carefully lower the jack to lower the transmission a bit in order to gain more space between the transmission and transmission tunnel. From there, you can reach a flat head screw driver to unclip the B**** clip.

An easier way to remove the clip would be to use an 8in radiator hook/pick in order to reach around the transmission from above to unclip the B**** clip.

To see how to remove the B**** clip, check out this video starting at the 07:52 mark - 

Step #3

Unclip your selector rod from your shifter rod. Refer to 8:22 in the video above.

Step #4

Remove the 13mm nut at the rear of the shifter carrier and remove the shifter carrier from the car. Refer to 8:22 in the video above.

Step #5

With the shifter carrier removed from the car, you can now press our the old front shifter carrier bushing. The OEM bushing consists of a rubber bushing with a metal sleeve.


Step #6

Now you may press the Garagistic Front Carrier Bushing in. If you find it hard to fit, make sure the hole in the front of the shifter carrier is clear of any burs or debris. If you are still having trouble pressing the bushing in, you can lightly sand the shifter carrier until the bushing can be pressed in.

Step #7 

Installation is the reverse of removal! 


If you also bought the rear Delrin bushing. The following are the instructions for