Garagistic E30 K-Series Swap Motor Mount Arm Overview - K24, K20

Garagistic E30 K-Series Swap Motor Mount Arms - K24, K20


It’s K-Swap time E30 friends! We are proud to introduce our Honda K-series swap motor mounts for the BMW E30 chassis. Our billet motor mounts position the spicy high-revving Honda K-Series as low and close to the cabin firewall as possible in the E30 engine bay to create the best weight distribution possible. This low and rearward set engine position allows us to reap all the handling benefits associated with shedding weight over the front end and lowering the center of mass. This design is a similar recipe to what was used at BMW at the time of developing the S14-powered E30 M3. The engineers not only produced a powerful high-revving engine, but ensured that the cars weight and handling characteristics were never compromised but improved. As seen in the M3 race cars, the lightweight nature of a 4-cylinder paired with a rearward engine position gives a serious edge over the competition, turning a refined driving machine into a precision track weapon!

What's Included

  • 1 Pair of Billet K-Series Motor Mounts (Left & Right)
  • 1 Pair of Motor Mount Bushings (Left & Right)

Please Note: Engine Compatibility

  • Designed for use with MOST Honda K-Series Motors (Compatible engines: JDM K24A, USDM K24A2, K24A3, K24A4, K24A8, and K20Z3. Our motor mounts are NOT Compatible Engines: K20A2, K20Z1, or K24A1 blocks )
  • Please makes sure you purchase the correct motor before starting your build!

K-Swap Motor Mount Features

  • Motor mount fitment engineered for optimal weight distribution
  • Designed for use with BMW (Getrag, ZF) transmissions
  • CNC milled from Billet 6061 Aluminum