Garagistic LTW Style Rear Adjustable Strut Bar Install & Assembly Instructions - K0700 & K0701


e30 e36 e46 adjustable ltw style rear strut bar instructions how to garagistic

The Garagistic LTW Style Adjustable Rear Strut Bar is a great, lightweight mod to stiffen the rear end of your E30/E36/E46. The modular design allows for easy assembly and adjustability. 


Tools Required

  • x2 Crescent Wrenches
  • 13mm Deep Socket or Wrench
  • 10mm Socket or Wrench
  • 4mm Allen Wrench
  • 6mm Allen Wrench
Assembly/Installation instructions are the same for E30/E36/E46.


    Step #1 - Use 6mm allen wrench to secure end plate base to each side of bar. Use crescent wrench to stop bar from spinning while fastening. 

    Step #2 - Install mounting end plates using 4mm allen wrench and 10mm socket/wrench.

    When installing the end plates, follow the diagram below to properly fit it to your chassis.

    E30 = Both outer bolts

    E36 = Both inner bolts

    E46 = Both outer bolts 

    Note - This is to make it fit factory spec measurements strut tower to strut tower. However, your car might have changed over its life so a combo of the holes might be needed for your car. 

    On E30's, the ends may bend slightly which is ok. 


    NOTE - x1 E46 end plate is slightly different with an open end and fits on the right strut tower.

    Ready to install into your car


    Car Installation

    Step #1 - Remove trunk side trim to access rear shock mounting nuts.


    Step #2 - Remove 13mm nuts

    Step #3 - Place one end of strut bar on one side

    Step #4 - Rotate other end to either shorten or lengthen the length of the strut bar until studs line up with strut bar.

    NOTE - If you are having trouble rotating one end, ensure the inner lock nuts (shown circled below) on the strut bar are loose to give the ends room to rotate.


    Step #5 - Secure end plates

    Step #6 - Centering the strut bar

    With the lock nuts loosened, rotate the center bar clockwise or counter-clockwise until the gap on both ends are equal.

    Step #7 - Tighten lock nuts using two crescent wrenches to secure center bar