Garagistic M30 Swap Guide- Clutch/Flywheel

The clutch is hydraulically operated. It is a friction clutch disc and is clamped by spring pressure between the pressure plate assembly and the engine flywheel. Depressing the clutch pedal operates the master cylinder and generated hydraulic pressure which forces a slave cylinder pushrod to move a release lever to push a throw out bearing. There are many options for a clutch/Flywheel. While the tools required are the same, I’d like to take a minute and point out different options, from the cheap, to the elaborate.


Using the factory E28 535i Sach’s clutch kit is fine. It should hold up to 250RWHP, but will start slipping at the highway speeds if you downshift and then floor it, for example, should you turbo.

 This (2) clutch P/N is 21 21 1 223 120

 The (1) Pressure Plate P/N is 21 21 1 225 576

 The (4) Throw Out Bearing P/N is 21 51 1 223 366

See Figure 12 for details on the Parts List. The tranny will still bolt right up to it and the stock E30 slave cylinder will still work fine. You can use the E30 Slave cylinder on the Getrag 260/5-speed or use the slave cylinder for E28 tranny. Please torque to the specs highlighted in the Bentley manual for the E28 BMW’s. The Slave Cylinder can be installed during the swap, or it can relatively easily be installed when the engine/tranny is installed.

In reality, you can use the any E23,E24, E28, E34, E32, M5 (6 cylinder) clutch/pressure plate combination and it will work fine. I would put the clutch and flywheel on during your M30 maintenance. You may have problems keeping the crank from spinning as you are loosening/tightening the flywheel bolts. In that case, I guess be creative and find someone to counter the force, or you can use a powerful impact gun. That’s what I did and it worked fine for removal AND installation of the new flywheel. 


To go extensive, you can easily purchase an entire clutch kit. Bavarian Autosport sells this and it includes all of the necessary gaskets. In Figure 13, you’ll see that it includes all additional gaskets, pilot bearings, seals, and it also includes the clutch tool. This costs $400 and while it will add value to your swap, it will take more time to implement.

Note: The exhaust gaskets are the 3-hole type as described in exhaust.


You can upgrade to a high performance organic clutch from turbochargingdynamics including pressure plate, clutch disk, throw-out bearing, and alignment tool. This is a direct bolt on to the flywheel. As you can see in Figure 14, TCD offers a wide selection of Clutch parts. These kits use the Clutchmaster organic clutch disc and heavy duty pressure plate. Each kit also includes a Sachs throw bearing and alignment tool. We highly recommend this kit for all engines producing less than 450tq-500tq. It provides stock like drivability.

Note: These organic clutch discs require a break-in of approximately 400 miles.