Garagistic M30 Swap Guide- Overall Project Cost

If you follow the project costs as defined in the “HRS & $$.xlsx” spreadsheet, then you should be within my claimed budget. Most of the estimated prices were derived from and, and I used ebay for a lot of random parts like the tranny, E32 electric fan, intake, hoses. Junkyards are a great source for parts. A lot of the fabrication prices are estimated as are the engines and motors.

Extensive Note:

I advertise that this swap can be done under $1000 and within 1 month. This provides that all assumptions are understood and all necessary parts are purchased. The following list entails that you want to perform a more thorough sweep of your inventory and dedicate more time and energy than what is minimally required. This assumes you have purchased the Engine and Transmission. See below in Table 4 for a High-Level List of costs for doing the minimum amount to get your E30 M30 Drivable. This matches that of the attachment, “E30M30 Daily Instructions”

*Use E30 ignition coil ^Depends on what differential came with your E30 and which you choose to run. There is a cost associated with purchasing a used one with the ratio of your choice.