Garagistic M30 Swap Guide- Throttle Mechanism

The E30 throttle cable and cruise control should mount right up to the Stock M30 linkage. Remember that you must use the M30 bracket on the intake manifold. Just bring the throttle cable around. Shorten or lengthen as necessary and install. The M30 throttle is simply at a different position, but works exactly the same as the M20/M10/M42  mechanism. As far as the cruise control computer cooperating with the rest of the car, please refer to “cruise control” section. 

However, there is the option to increase the effectiveness and add an element of sportiness and reliability to your throttle cable. You can always add a Garagistic Billet Aluminum Throttle Cable Bushings as in Figure 77. These bushings add intrinsic value in that they provide the added buffer under hard acceleration. They are superior to the sub-standard plastic/rubber versions that have been known to crumble as they age.