Garagistic M30 Swap Guide- Wiper Washer Fluid

The E30 ix reservoir will fit where the battery would go on a regular E30 car. If your E30 has the battery in the area by the passenger shock mount, then you must relocate the battery to the trunk for two reasons. 

1. In many states, you need a working windshield wiper system to pass inspection. 

2. You will be a fool to keep the battery in the front due to the weight distribution. Convertibles have their batteries in the front. I don’t know much about converting a battery to the rear. It shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Since my car has the battery in the rear, the front is a perfect place to store it. It will be a very tight fit, however, but definitely doable. Refer to picture: 

The pump fits fine within the reservoir. If your reservoir fit on top of the passenger wheel-well, then you might have to get a different hose that is longer to accompany the extra couple feet of distance.  Don’t forget to route the wires around too.  There are 2 wires for the motor and 2 wires for the senor. They all need to be lengthened and relocated. Figure 79 adequately describes which wires need routing and where they need to go per the schematic.