Garagistic M6X Swap Guide- Air Intake Scheme

There are many options for installing an air intake for the M60. The following pages will cover how to install the factory air intake box in the E30 engine bay for a STOCK LOOK.

If you are using the E34 donor car, then you should have picked up the stock air box as shown in Figure 196. While the box looks large, there is enough room to squeeze it behind the passenger headlight and I will show you how.


- Various TIME & $$

- 1.5Hrs & $0 INSTRUCTIONS

You must make modifications to the air intake box first off. These modifications include grinding down the plastic previous mounting location. We will not be using these pieces anymore. In Figure 195, you must grind down the plastic, but maintain the plastic brackets as shown in the figure. These will be reused when making the mounts on the E30 Wheel Well.

If you have a concern about the air filter falling out underneath, don’t worry. The clips maintain that the filter itself remains mounted firmly within the airbox. Once you remove the stainless steel clamps, then the lower mounting arm comes loose from the assembly and the air filter can be removed.

Fit the airbox where it will sit as shown in Figure 198. Be aware of the following clearances:

1. Clearance of the MAF & tubing to the radiator. This is pretty much set in stone and cannot be modified anyway, so don’t be too concerned. There is enough clearance.

2. Headlight. Install the headlight just for fitment purposes. If you HAVE to mount the airbox closer to the headlight thereby preventing you from changing a headlight bulb, then that’s OK. You won’t be doing it often and the airbox can be easily removed/installed on command.

3. A/C piping – If you have AC, be aware that the low pressure A/C plug is installed right next to the airbox, making it difficult to get to, but not impossible. See Figure 199 for clearance.

4. No problems with hood clearance.

Now that you have the clearances set and you want now to make the final install, you must cut yourself some metal tabs and tap them. This is the easiest way to get a failsafe, secure installation that has easy installation and removal.

Step 1: Fit the airbox in the car, from underneath, put your hand through the headlight hole with a marker and mark under the tabs so you know where to weld your tabs. See Figure 200.

Step 2: Weld your tabs. I used ¼” steel for the tabs and then tapped the holes so that you can use bolts and secure it from up above easily. See Figure 201. Note: Watch out for the hood shock clearance.

Step 3: Seam seal from rust and then paint! See Figure 202