Garagistic M6X Swap Guide- Cruise Control

If your car was equipped with cruise control before the swap, then the cruise control should still work fine after the M60 is swapped in. You will need to adjust the cable to make sure it’s tight. In Figure 191, the cable is pretty much ready to go and must be mounted in the M60 cable attachment point.


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28.2.2 TIME & $$

- 1.2Hrs & $10 INSTRUCTIONS

Follow the instructions on the following pages to implement the changes to the cruise control.

Now, where to mount the cruise control motor itself? This is exemplified in Figure 192. Where once in the E30, the motor was installed on the driver side area right alongside the air intake, is now installed on the driver side wheel well.

There are 2 installation points directly on the wheel well. I decided this point for a few reasons.

1. It was still on the driver side where it was originally installed. a. The wire bundle and cable are non-detachable from the motor, so modifying them was out of the question.

2. It is facing in the same general direction with no tight turns of the cable, which would otherwise cause binding of the cable.

3. It is a sturdy installation location that does not interfere with any other peripherals.

There is no wiring modification to the cruise control motor. The main takeaway points for this installation are two-fold: mechanical installation of the cruise motor in the engine bay and attaching the cable to the throttle body.  Everything else fits into place and requires no modifications.