Garagistic M6X Swap Guide- Oil/Pan/Pump/Cooler

In my experience and driving habits, I’ve never been interested in making a racer.  I was not planning on pushing my E30 to the extreme.  I was always interested in building a sleeper that has every function working properly as if that engine belongs in that car from the factory.  With that being said, my mentality has been to keep the stock setup.  Therefore, I was planning on using the Stock Oil Bracket, the stock lines, and the oil filter as it was designed.  This swap section will primarily discuss said setup. TOOLS REQUIRED

Table 9

Socket Wrench Misc.
13mm Socket Sawzall 
Grinder with cut off tool TIME & MONEY

- 1 hour & $0 INSTRUCTIONS

The clearances issues and complications with this setup will also be discussed.

However, if it is desired to use an oil cooler with lines and a remote oil filter, you can refer to for information in the V8 Swap section

While this assembly is out of the car, take note to replace all O-Ring Seals. It is very important to replace all seals because once this is installed, it will be inaccessible.

Oil Lines Bracket:

No matter what path you choose, either the original bracket will need to be modified or you will need to build a custom bracket. I chose the path of modifying the current bracket. Originally, BMW designed the driver side motor mount bracket to be integrated into the oil line connection in the same piece (part 1 in Figure 54). Because your new custom engine mount brackets and the oil filter line share the same hole at the top, you sacrifice compression force of the bracket onto the engine block. Fortunately, this was my setup and I have not had any leaks or problems as a result of this configuration.

By cutting off the sections you see in Figure 54, you maintain at least 3 bolts (circled in blue) and allow the ability to mount the modified stock M60 bracket in its location without interference from your custom motor mount brackets.  Use a sawzall to cut off this part. In Figure 55, you can see that I modified my oil bracket, however it is a poor picture after it has been installed in my E30. It is dark, but you can see how it relates to Figure 54 in that I cut off the motor mount part as well as the other bolt hole.

Figure 55 shows a terrible picture of my modified oil line bracket, but it should be known that an E53 X5 bracket will suffice as well.