Garagistic M6X Swap Guide- Project Timeline

Please see below for a strategy for projecting this project timeline. High Level Schedule – This documents in a high level what should occur when.  Please note that I picked 1/1/15 as an arbitrary start time, but this is to simply communicate the length of time needed for the swap.  This is a guide only.  It is to help the novice mechanic prioritize and order the tasks necessary to complete a comprehensive, well executed out swap.

Below, you’ll find the detailed version of the same schedule. This has all of the detailed tasks necessary to ensure that the swap is executed correctly and thoroughly. You must zoom in to see all tasks. You can print this out and view in 11x17 paper if desired.

I also decided to create a checklist of swap and break it up into phases.  This includes work to my donor car, 1995 540i and my swap car, 1989 325is. This is supporting information for reference. I also swapped my dashboard so I integrated this into the checklist.