Garagistic M6X Swap Guide- Throttle Mechanism



- Various

26.1.2 TIME & $$

- 1Hrs & $50


During the modification of my pedal assembly, it was soon realized shortly thereafter that my accelerator pedal no longer fit in its originally designed position. So I had to make modifications. The pedal assembly is aluminum, not steel, so unless you have the ability to tig weld aluminum, you cannot weld this yourself. There are 3 things that need to be modified to accompany the full modification. Refer to figures Figure 179 and Figure 180.

1. Pedal Width Shortening (A), Figure 179.

2. Relocating of the arm (B), Figure 179.

3. Movement of mounting loop (C), Figure 180.

Therefore, what you see in depicts taking your accelerator pedal assembly and having it professionally modifiedt per Figure 181  for the anticipated price shown. 

To asses in the new position of the cable assembly, I instructed my machinist to make the modifications as shown in Figure 181.


- Various TIME & $$

-  1.5Hrs & $0 INSTRUCTIONS

I used the stock E34 Throttle Cable for this part of the modification.  It was a simple hook up, as you would normally do.  I used a dremel and notched out a square hole that the throttle cable would normally hook up to in the mechanism as in Figure 182. 

To make the cable itself work, I needed to continue to tap the actual cable so that it threaded all the way to where the stop is on the throttle body itself in Figure 183.

To install the cable into the firewall, I extended the Part 20 from Pedal Assembly to look like Figure 185. I used a dremel for this because the slot has to be rectangular. You can see in Figure 185 the old and new location of the firewall and how I had to adapted the Part 20 to accommodate a space for the throttle cable exit.

You can see in Figure 184 where I you must cut out a section of the sheetmetal after welding it so that you can simply install the throttle cable assembly to the firewall as stock.  

However, there is the option to increase the effectiveness and add an element of sportiness and reliability to your throttle cable. You can always add a Garagistic Billet Aluminum Throttle Cable.

Bushings as in Figure 186. These bushings add intrinsic value in that they provide the added buffer under hard acceleration. They are superior to the sub-standard plastic/rubber versions that have been known to crumble as they age.