Garagistic M6X Swap Guide- Tools Necessary

There are many more tools that are needed additional to the typical hand tools and power tools that are normally required for many basic jobs. Some mandatory tools that are necessary to be obtained are

 Well-Lit Garage

 Engine Hoist

 Self Brake Bleeder or self-made bleeder

 Brake bending tool & bubble flaring tool

 4 Jack Stands

 T60 Torx (BMW Special Tool)

 2 Hydraulic Jacks

 Breaker Bar

 Angle Grinder (4.5”)

 Reciprocating saw

 Welder (Mig, C02/Ar)

 Shop Light

 Metric Sockets up to 22mm

 Box/Open Wrenches up to 22mm

 Multimeter

 Solder/Paste/Heat Sleeving

 Heat Gun

 Vise (I used a Rockwell Jawhorse)

 Mig Welder (preferably with Gas) 

In the following chapters, you’ll see tools required for each respective section. While the tools list that you see above is high level, note that you’ll find the next level of detailed granularity of tools in the section for which you’re working.