Garagistic M6X Swap Guide- Wiper Washer Fluid

The E30 ix reservoir will fit where the battery would go on a regular E30 convertible as seen in Figure 187. However, on this swap you cannot use that if you relocated your ABS, therefore it is recommended to use an e36 328i reservoir.  For racers, it is not necessarily required to.  In many states, you need a working windshield wiper system to pass inspection. TOOLS REQUIRED

- various TIME & $$


The regular E30 pump fits fine within the reservoir. This reservoir fits on top of the passenger wheelwell. As shown in Figure 188, the location of the reservoir is relatively the same as previously, so no need to modify the length of wiring.

To install the reservoir, you must do a few things:

1. Route the E30 body wiring for both the pump and the sensor. This should not involve cutting/soldering due to the fact that the relative location of the reservoir remains virtually unchanged.

2. Watch your clearances to the hood, the AC line (if applicable).

The installation of the wiper reservoir is easy, but needs to be done on a trial and error basis. , meaning that you must fit it yourself depending on your specific application. The guide I provide is just a guide, not an exact how-to.

As shown above in Figure 189, you must weld or otherwise attach a stud or long bolt to the wheel well housing. This will allow for your first of 2 attachment points for the reservoir. Then you simply use a thick plastic nut to tighten it down. The second attachment point is below the reservoir. I do not have pictures of it, but you must weld a bracing structure to the wheel well housing and then use a zip tie to attach it.

The pump fits fine within the reservoir. If your reservoir fit on top of the passenger wheel-well, then you might have to get a different hose that is longer to accompany the extra couple feet of distance. Don’t forget to route the wires around too. There are 2 wires for the motor and 2 wires for the senor. They all need to be lengthened and relocated. Figure 190 adequately describes which wires need routing and where they need to go per the schematic.