hid conversion for sealed beams and ellipsoids

Hey guys

Hid conversion is a nice step up from candle light sealed beam headlights.


  • DDM hid slim ballast 55 watt 5,000k
  • DDM ballast bracket holder
  • 4 bolts
  • 4 nuts
  • us ellipsoids
  • 9006 headlight pigtails
  • male spade connector


  • 8mm socket
  • 3 inch extension
  • 3/8 drive ratchet
  • cordless drill/ drill
  • center punch
  • 1/8 drill bit
  • wire strippers
  • wire crimpers

lets get started

first off you can order your hid's from ddm's website or if you live in Socal they have a warehouse in Huntington Beach.


55watt ballast will turn on and warm up faster than 35 watt ballast

5,000k bulbs will be bright and white with no hint of blue.

For cars that came with sealed beams you first need to purchase a set of ellipsoids.

Now you need to make a small wiring conversion.

Your car had a white/clear 3 prong connector that plugs into the back of the low beams.

On this connector you are looking for a ground and positive wire that only gets power When the headlight switch is pulled out.

Grab your multi meter and check each wire.

Grab the 9006 pigtail strip some insulation on the end and crimp the male spade connector on the end.

Now plug this male spade connector Into your 3 prong connector.

Plug in your ellipsoids and if they work you can continue.

Your hid ballast will have 2 wiring harness and pig tail for the bulbs.

Plug your 9006 connector into the ballast.

Plug the wiring harness from your ballast to the new bulb and install the new bulb into the ellipsoid.

Test the system and make sure it works properly.

You should mount your ballast in a location that won't receive water or tons of heat.

Most people just ziptie there ballast to anything in the engine bay.

One clean way to mount the ballast is inside the fender Mounted to the chassis.

The hardware is hidden by the headlight covers.


how they come shipped, happy to see the bulb protected.

here is one of them

ballast bracket


just drill two holes

bolt it on

how to hook it up

your factory wiring plugs into a connector off the ballast

another harness has the bulb attached and that plugs into the ellipsoid

stock high beam bulbs with yellow lamix

us ellipsoids retrofitted to look like euro smileys with clear laminX

stock fogs