How install a rear is spoiler

How to install an is rear spoiler Part number 51 71 1 945 710 it is still available new average used price is around 80-100 for one in good shape check your local forums and meets to acquire one.

Tools required

guts to drill into your perfect trunk lid

1/4 drill bit

5/16 drill bit

1/2 drill bit

sanding bit to clean up the edge(optional)

1 spoiler

6x plastic nuts

-part number 51 71 1 934 930

some type of silicone

- I used Permatex general purpose silicone sealant


tape measure

instructions on stud locations


Step 1

clean the work area


tape up the area where you are going to mockup the spoiler.


Instructions from bmw in German but the diagram helps you out.

I laid out a micro fiber and placed the tool i needed.

measure twice cut once

I drilled a 1/4 5/16 1/2 drill bit then used a sanding drum to smooth it out.

I drilled almost like a oval slot to get some adjustment to make sure it lined up perfect.


all drilled, I applied this silicone

apply silicone so that water doesn't enter the trunk

these are the nuts that get attached to the spoiler to hold it in place

all wrapped up

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