How to help your e30 run cooler

How to help your e30 run cooler

Between the core support and your radiator there is a gap that allows air to go around your radiator rather than through it.

I found a product to help prevent that.

1 kit was enough to do 1 radiator


  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • rubber foam rubber seal
  • 10mm wrench
  • aluminum tape

I was able to purchase the foam seal adhesive backed product at my local home depot.

remove the upper radiator mount.

gap between the radiator and the core support.

driver side

foam insulating added

Passenger side before

Passenger side after

(missing this shot)


bottom side before

bottom side after

top side, I added insulation on the left and right side and left clearance for the radiator mount.

next addition to the radiator is actual AC/heating duct tape.

add this to help keep fan shroud working efficiently, and not loosing air to go around it.

Next step is to add radiator ducts

You can add tape here to help seal the area and get more air to hit the radiator.

add tape to the top on both sides

I am not running ac so there is an opening in the ducts,

I also added tape there.

just leave enough room for the wiring.

This might not be a huge imprudent but anything that can help is worth doing.