How to install a power steering delete block

e30 power steering delete block instructions

These are directions on how to install the Garagistic power steering delete block for your BMW e30, e36, or z3. This is one of the most commonly upgraded parts on E30's and for good reason; the steering response benefits are well worth the trade of eliminating power steering. The numbing effect of power steering can be of great detriment on the track or autocrossing. The comfort trade-off is a choice many E30, E36, and Z3 owners make when making the switch to PSD.

You can find your E30 Garagistic power steering delete kits here.

e30 power steering delete

BMW Garagistic power steering delete notes:

-Some people drain the rack completely and add a tiny bit of fresh power steering fluid to lubricate the rack.

-You can remove the power steering pump, belt, bracket, hoses, and reservoir to drop some weight off the front of your e30.

-Running no power steering does increase the difficulty in turning the car under 5 miles per hour and parallel parking; in all other situations its really not that bad.


Tools to install your Garagistic power steering delete:

  • 17mm box wrench
  • medium size crescent wrench
  • carb spray

Parts needed for PSD upgrade:

  • Garagistic power steering delete block - found here
  • small banjo bolt
  • 2 small crush washers
  • large banjo bolt
  • 2 large crush washers

Step 1

  • Remove the old power steering bolts on the steering rack.
  • Remove the smaller 17mm bolt first
  • Then remove the larger 22mm bolt with the crescent wrench it will clear the oil pan with a little persistence.
  • Then spray the area with some carb spray to clean off some road grime.


e30 power steering delete

here are the parts ready for assembly

e30 power steering delete

step 2

  • first place a crush washer on each bolt.
  • then place the delete block over the bolts.

power steering deleteStep 3

  • place a crush washer over the bolts.
  • then place this assembly on the rack and tighten down the bolts.

e36 power steering delete

finished power steering delete install!

e30 power steering delete