how to modify a 30mm socket to remove the output flange

Hey Guys, if you have ever try to service your Getrag 260 or 240 transmission you will need to modify a 30mm socket.



  • 30mm socket
  • output flange
  • output flange nut



  • Lathe
  • caliper
  • belt sander


  • measure the inner diameter of your output flange and compare that with the outer diameter of your socket,
  • In my case, I needed to take a 0.010 thousands cut to get the socket to fit net with the output flange.
  • but I wanted a slip fit not a net fit, so I removed 0.025 thousands
  • This socket also was a 6 point socket and it was tapered on each side, this will not allow a tight grip of the nut.
  • To solve this I removed 0.100 thousands off the face of the socket.

before facing it and turning it down.

after, notice the tapered part of the socket is gone.

after this picture I just deburred the ends and sanded down the inside.

fits perfect

now you can use your new tool and break the 123 ft lbs nut on the back of your trans,

then in some cases you have to use some sort of puller or gear puller to remove the output flange if its stuck.