Inexpensive brake hose adapter

Hey guys, I just wanted to share something I found at Home Depot today.

A fellow R3vlimited forum member and I have been discussing an e30 he is building up. After of couple of messages he offered to send me some 3inch brake duct hose that I had posted in a wtb ad.
Kind of as a thank you.

He sent me about 7 feet of 3 inch high temp brake duct tubing for free!

Thanks Scott, (Flyingbricke30)

Thanks to Andrew Lang at Lang Racing Development for setting me up with some Carbon Fiber brake ducts. These were some prototypes and just needed some holes drilled to match the strut pattern.

I found these at Home Depot.


these adapters fit the square brake duct and the 3 inch round hose.
the adapter need these 4 little nubs cut off.

I just cut them with a pair of side cutters

you get a rough hole that can cut into your brake hose

just file it down or sand it down.

wrapped it black tape to prevent chaffing

it fits!

here is the hose just mocked up to the brake duct