Instructions: E30 Front Strut Bar Install

Installation: E30 Front Strut Bar Installation

1: First remove these two nuts off the strut tower. Don't remove the third nut! Do this for both sides and lightly wipe down the strut towers.

2: Take your new Garagistic strut bar and try to line up both sides over the studs.

3: If the holes on the strut bar are not lining up with the strut towers, don't worry! E30s are old and the chassis have gone through years of flex. This means that you may need to get your E30 chassis to relax before you line up the mounting holes. To get the chassis to relax, you will need to jack up the front of the car so that the front wheels lift up off the ground. This will help you to line up the mounting holes.

4: Once all 4 holes are lined up finger thighten all four nuts first. Torque these nuts down to 23.6 ft/lb

We recommend always using a little blue Loctite make sure nothing on your e30 gets loose! This is the version we recommend: