Instructions: E46 Front Subframe Reinforcement plates - K0238

Instructions: E46 Front Subframe Reinforcement plates - K0238 - Installation


Professional welder is recommended when installing reinforcement plates

Some plates will need to be bent to fit your application. Using a vise and hammer will work perfectly. Always use safety glasses and other proper safety workwear

Quick tip: Hold piece in its proper position and use a sharpie to make its position to use a s a reference point
Thoroughly clean the area of any dirt, oil, grease, and grime of any kind. Acetone works well for cleaning
Hold reinforcement pieces in its designated position and tack it in place
Clamping pliers can be used as well to hold certain plates in place
Use nut and bolt on plates that can be bolted down to help center the plates properly
Front subframe balljoint reinforment plates will need to be centered to ball joint but favoring the slots to be even with the subframe so it can be bent properly. Tack the plate in place then with a hammer fold the edges down so it takes form of the subframe
Double check that your reinforcements are properly positioned before fully welding
If attempting to weld yourself, we recommended using a mig welder as it is easier to use

Front Subframe


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