L.E.D interior and trunk lighting

L.E.D Retrofit


-12 dollars

tools required

-flat head screwdriver


All of people have intermittent working interior lights,

One of the common problems is a link in the module

-that is located in the driver side foot well underneath the speaker.

this article is not how to fix that.

here is how you fix that.


now that your interior lights work.

you can upgrade the bulbs to led's

best way to make sure you order the right size is to take a caliper and measure the bulb you want to replace.

this picture is of the dome lights in the headliner of an e30

1.680 inches

convert this measurement to millimeters


42.6mm for the dome lights.

most sellers online sell 42mm, which is what i bought and it worked fine.

37mm for trunk lights

37mm for glove box lights

working dome lights


if you get a flat panel led you have to solder it to the light housing to orientate how you want the light aimed, or else it will just rotate in the housing.

before and after


before reinstalling the housing check if you placed the led in the correct orientation

led's have anodes and cathodes

anode being the positive side

meaning the led will only work in one orientation.

installed on the driver side dome light

42mm festoon bulb with 8 led's in it

37mm flat circuit board bulbs used in the trunk and glove box

I purchased from eBay seller thamesmall and two arrived crushed, the seller address the situation.

stock on the left new on the right


glove box before

glove box after