E30 Maplight Mirror Retrofit

Maplight Mirror Retrofit


  • $50-$150

Tools required

  • flat head screwdriver
  • philips screwdriver
  • 8mm open end wrench
  • 1/4 inch drive 8mm
  • 1/4 inch drive 3 inch extension
  • 1/4 inch ratchet
  • multi-meter


  • mirror
  • stabilizer bar
  • light bulbs


you can source a mirror from only certain e30's

most e30 m3's

1990-1992 318is

and 1988+325is

Old rear view mirror

e30 mirror

The new mirror

e30 is mirror

Remove the lower dash panel

  • 3 flat head screws
  • one clip on the steering column all the way in the back
  • un-clip door gong

Remove a part of the door seal
Remove the hood hinge

  • 1/4 in 8mm 3 inch extension ratchet and or a 8mm open end wrench is the easiest way to un bolt the hood hinge

Remove the speaker cover

  • bottom right speaker phillips screw

Remove the speaker

Look for a black connector taped up in a harness
(excuse the wire taps they where there from a previous alarm i took it out but didn't take the time to remove each tap.)

Here it is plugged in

  • purple/ green
  • brown

I plugged the harness in the speaker area, and fed the wire up top with a coat hanger,

Plug it in to the mirror and tested the bulbs

Install the spring into the frame on the roof.

It pops in sideways.

Plug the check panel back in.

All done

Radar check
Map light check
Check panel check

Future mod

Possibly add led's inside these lights as they are not very bright