S13 coilovers on s30

Instructions on how to use our s13 to s30 coilover conversion parts


These instructions are for our s13 240sx coilover conversion on the s30 240z, 260z and 280z found here.

Megan Coilovers: Conversion parts found here.

Stance Coilovers: Conversion parts found here.

Parts Needed:

  • One of our conversion kits (Links above) which include the following
  1. (Qty: 2) - Front Tubes

  2. (Qty: 2) - Rear Tubes

  3. (Qty: 2) - Weld-in Camber Plates ( front )

  4. (Qty: 2) - Weld-in Camber Plates ( Rear )

s13 240sx coilovers on s13

  • Set of s13 240sx Stance or Megan coilovers


  • safety glasses
  • Sawzall or sawing tool
  • Dremel or similar tool
  • Access to hydraulic press (optional)
  • Access to welder
  • spring compressor
  • ruler
  • bungee cord
  • long pry bar
  • carb spray


Now onto the s13 to s30 coilover conversion!

  • Prep the coilovers you just bought:
  1. Remove lower perches
  2. You can choose to cut off the s13 mounting brackets (They do not interfere on the Z, but removal makes for a cleaner install).
  3. Measure how much smooth tubing is inside the perches (from the bottom, before the threads). This is how much of the Z strut tube you'll want to keep when cutting the Z struts.
  4. Cut a notch in 2 of the perches. This is to accommodate the notch on the spindle that prevents the perch from sitting flush on the hub spindle. (dremel can be used as well)
  5. Remove top hats
  6. Thats it for the prep


  • Disassemble your factory strut/hut assemblies.
  1. Factory service manual comes in handy now along with a spring compressor.
  • Cut off your Z struts
  1. keeping 1-2" of strut tube left depending on your previous measurements of the coilover perches)
  • PRESS on 4 front perches onto the remaining section of tube.
  1. This will be a VERY tight fit, so you'll need a press. Press it on all the way flush to the base of the z car spindle.
  2. You can now weld the tubes in place on the spindle.

( it is suggested that all welding be done by a reputable welder or shop... The welds are the most important part of this conversion, and if done wrong, the suspension "WILL" fail. It is suggested that welds be done by TIG, for the best weld outcome.)

s13 coilovers on 280z
  • Now onto the camber plates.
  1. Start by unbolting the front fenders. (10mm bolts)
  • Lay the camber plate on top of the shock tower and trace a line around it with a marker.
  • Cut out the top of the shock tower INSIDE OF THE LINE THAT YOU TRACED by 1/4"  (this allows the camber plate to "sit" on something.   You can use a die grinder, plasma cutter, jigsaw etc. Here we're cleaning up the edge of the opening.
  • On the front plate, there is a band in the top of the tower. You will need to bend one corner of the camber plate to make it  sit flush when on top of the shock tower.
  • It is extremely important to align the camber plate slots 90 degrees to the center line of the car.  DO NOT USE THE FENDER LIP TO ALIGN THE CAMBER PLATE! A long pipe or piece of metal across to the other side is the best way!
  • Clamp the camber plate into position and tack weld it in place.


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