Threaded Shifter Adapter Install Instructions

How to use the Threaded Adapter

The threaded adapter allows you to run a Garagistic threaded shift knob onto an OEM style shifter handle which clicks in place with a slot.

Installation of the adapter is as simple as lining up the slot on your shifter with the inside of the shifter adapter then pressing it on. It will require a bit of force but the adapter will click in place once fully seated.


How to remove Shifter Thread Adapter

Removal of the threaded adapter requires that you turn the Garagistic shift knob several times to expose about 4 or 5 threads of the adapter.

Once the Garagistic shift knob has been threaded off this much, the shift knob (with the threaded adapter) will pull right off.

It is very important the threaded shift knob is threaded off a little before pulling off of the rod. The last few threads are what tighten the shift knob + adapter down on the rod.