Solid engine and transmission mounts

solid and engine and trans mount guide

In my previous e30 I tore the rubber engine mounts taking a turn too hard.

In my current e30 I decided to replace the mounts with a solid mount.


noise does increase in the cabin

I recommend replacing both engine and trans,

not just the engine and leaving the trans mounts stock or vice a versa.


Condor Speed shop-motor mounts

Condor Speed shop-transmission mounts



a piece of wood wider than your oil pan 2 in thick.

wheel chock

2 jack stands

10mm socket

13mm deep socket

6 inch extension

3/8 ratchet

13mm box wrench

flat head screwdriver


Step 1

Purchase solid mounts

I purchased mine here

Step 2

picture from condors website

Step 3

Gather your tools

3/8 drive ratchet

6inch extension

13mm deep socket

Step 4

Get the car in the air.

leave the key in the ignition you will need to be able to turn the wheels.


Step 5

Remove strut brace

A total of 4 13 mm bolts,

this needs to be done because we will be lifting the engine up.

place a rag and pry up with a flat head screw driver.

Step 6

Identify the motor mounts.

there are 2 mounts for the engine.

the engine is supported by the front subframe, a rubber mount, and a steel motor mount arm

we are replacing the rubber mount with a solid mount.

quote from Condor Speed shops website

"Machined Solid UHMV  M20 motor mounts for your E30 chassis BMW. (323 and 325 only).

UHMW is an excellent general-purpose plastic with a unique combination of wear and corrosion resistance, low friction surface and impact strength. It is resistant to chemical attack and moisture absorption, and retains key physical properties to -30 C."

Passenger side motor mount

Driver side motor mount

Step 7

Remove the heat shield on the passenger side motor mount

There are 2 bolts and 2 nuts to remove this heat shield

Remove the on the right with your ratchet closer to the frame rail.

Remove the on the left with your ratchet closer to the engine block.

Step 8

place a jack with a block of wood underneath the oil pan.

pump the jack and get some load onto the piece of wood.

Step 9

Remove passenger motor mount.

upper nut

lower nut

  • it helps to turn the wheel, one way or another to provide better access to the bottom bolt.

Step 10

Remove driver side motor mount

upper nut

lower nut

it helps to turn the wheel, one way or another to provide better access to the bottom bolt.

Step 11

Now that all the bolts are off.

start jacking the motor up, just enough for the old mounts to slip out.

Inspect the subfame and motor mount arms for cracks.

driver side

passenger side

looks fine


Step 12

These motor mounts use a through bolt making the install a simple task.

apply a small amount of loctite to the nut to prevent it from vibrating loose.

Driver side

Passenger side

dont forget to reinstall your heat shield.

Step 13(optional)

Apply sticker

I choose my skid plate.

Step 14

Installing the trans mounts

you will need

  • 13mm socket
  • 6inch extension
  • 3/8 ratchet
  • 13mm box wrench for the top bolts

Step 15

place jack with a block of wood underneath the trans to help support the weight of it.

Step 16

old trans mounts

place your socket on the bottom bolt and loosen it.

place your box wrench on the top bolt and loosen it.

jack up the trans and remove the old mounts.

slide the new mounts in and loctite the nut.

old vs new

Step 17

All done to images/engine-trans/4.JPG