Vorshlag bullet nose stud conversion

Hey Guys, I'm going to install Vorshlag bullet nose stud conversion.


  • brakecleaner spray
  • 5.5mm allen socket
  • torque wrench
  • jack
  • jack stands
  • tire chock


  • 75mm Vorshlag bullet nose studs




Make sure the studs are clean, clean them with carb spray.

Red loctite 262 is the best stuff out there,

this is equivalent

place a small drop on the hub end of the stud

the end of stud has a 5.5mm allen head use a allen tool and a torque wrench to tighten the studs to 30lbs

a trick is to put a screwdriver in the vanes of the rotor between the caliper and caliper bracket these keeps the rotor from rotating if you are working alone. If you have a helper you can have your assistant just step on the brakes.

studs installed

I measure my hub and wheels to make sure the studs i ordered weren't going to be too long.

75mm Bullet nose no spacers required

alpina wheels et20

caps still fit,


kosei k1


et 25

no spacers or rings required

225/50/15 Kumko Ecsta ast

no rubbing

enough clearance

new track wheels

new studs